With a genuine passion to help others live their best life, JC conducts one-on-one Clarity Moments in Singapore over the course of 2 full days.

With many satisfied clients from various parts of Asia such as Malaysia, Australia, Thailand and Singapore, a session of Clarity Moments will allow you to unlock the full potential of the Power of Numbers and it’s a transformative effect on your life.

After this unique journey of discovery, you will be equipped with the knowledge and wisdom to discern on where you can either start or move on towards the path where you lead your best life! Supported by statistical research, the powerful discovery of how The Power of Numbers affect and can help you will leave a transformational mark on your life.

Not only can it transform your life, but the lives of others around you as well! Particularly If you’re young and ready to start a family, learn more about the power of numbers and you can even choose a good date of birth for your future children to ensure to prevent misfortunes. As the Power of Numbers is based heavily on statistical research*, results show that one’s date of birth affect one’s life. Speaking from experience, JC chose a date for his 6th kid and saw the difference as compared to his other children!

What you can learn from Clarity Moments:

1. In-Depth Root Numbers
2. The 5 Elements in associate with Numbers
3. Pairs Numbers in your chart
4. Identify Patterns
5. Compatibility between partners
6. Dangerous Numbers
7. The 9 Year Chart
8. SEX drive
and many more…


A session of Clarity Moments based on Power of Numbers requires participants to be open to sharing details that can be considered intimate and sensitive. Thus, Clarity Moments are only conducted in private settings. Be assured that JC is committed to protecting the privacy of all his clients and all information shared will be kept private and confidential.

About JC

JC Lin is currently the only authorised facilitator globally to facilitate Power of Numbers, as certified by Prof. Dr Oliver Tan, the founder of Power of Numbers. Conducted in Singapore, this 2 days intensive session will leave you overwhelmed with what the Power of Numbers can do for you!

Clarity Moments (Advanced Class)

Course Fee: $4996
Duration: 2 Full Days

BONUS Includes:
a) 1 Year Montorship (worth $10,000)
a) A Day with JC (worth $969)
b) 1 Chinese Book – Power Of Numbers By Prof. Dr. Oliver Tan (PhD) (worth $69)
c) 1 English Book – Power Of Numbers By Prof. Dr. Oliver Tan (PhD) (worth $69)
d) 1 Life Destiny Report (worth $296)
e) Lifetime Access to Discovery Episode (worth $296)
f) Life Code Plaque (worth $296)
Total Worth : $11,995

*it is important to note that current statistics supporting the Power of Numbers are based on dates ranging from dates before the 2000s and current statistical research for the generation starting from the 2000s can be insufficient to read certain situations.

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